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Cognitive skills (those crucial skills needed for learning) like: Attention, Working Memory, Cognitive Flexibility, Abstract and Verbal Reasoning, and even Long-Term Memory can be developed to a greater degree than most people realize.

This webinar will share data on 100 students who had one or more cognitive weaknesses (scores in the bottom third of their peer group) and what happened to those weak cognitive areas after they completed 12 to 14 weeks of comprehensive, integrated cognitive training.

The webinar will explore a variety of cognitive skills from Executive Functions, to Reasoning Skills to Memory, to Processing Speed. We’ll look at the results from over 100 students who took a nationally normed cognitive assessment before and after their cognitive training. We’ll also share data on their improvements in self-confidence, their willingness to take on challenging tasks and their increased motivation towards work and school.

If you have a child who struggles with learning, you won’t want to miss out on this brand-new information.

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