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What Do High School Students Want to Know about the Brain?


Educator Dorothy Buelow Putz had a group of students in a workshop on Study Skills and Stress Management. She invited Betsy Hill via Nepris to make a presentation on a variety of brain-related topics, following a general introduction to study skills and tools, and leading into a discussion of stress management.

The key questions Ms. Putz and her students wanted to address were:

  • How do things like sleep, nutrition, and stress affect the brain’s ability to retain information?
  • Is the brain capable of retaining certain information and not others?
  • Do learning styles really affect how students should study? (This used to be the education buzz and now it’s falling out of fashion. Is that because it’s found to not be relevant? Or just not in vogue anymore?)
  • What are the best study tips?
  • What are the best ways to improve memory?
  • What are common myths about the brain?

In explaining her interest in approaching the topic of study skills and stress management this way, Ms. Putz said, “First, I think it would be beneficial for my students to have a better understanding of how memory and brain development impact the optimal ways in which to study. Currently, their most popular method is procrastination and cramming, with a side of whining. So I’m hoping to connect with a professional from a neurology field who can connect brain research with study skills. Second, I would like the presenter to talk about her/his career path. Our program helps prepare students to be successful in college. Since I work with students from very small rural schools, the careers they see in their communities are very limited. For long term goal setting, and therefore motivation to be successful, exposure to careers is vital.

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