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“If you are looking for an education professional who understands Indiana, you can’t do better than Trish Whitcomb,” said Betsy Hill, President and COO of BrainWare Learning Company. “She earned her degree is in education along with a graduate certification in Applied Neuroscience in Education, and she has served as executive director of the Indiana Retired Teachers Association. Previously she served in the Indiana Department of Education (IDOE) as special liaison with directors at Career and Tech Centers. At IDOE, she also oversaw administration of the 21st Century Learning Centers federal grant, distributing $25 million each cycle, and directed Hoosier Family of Readers, a statewide collaboration.”

“What I’m most excited about in my new role with BrainWare Learning Company,” said Whitcomb, “is the opportunity to offer a solid, evidence-based pathway for students to build cognitive capacity, and to support schools in linking the science of learning with the science of teaching. As we know, the brain is the center of all learning and behavior. Building academic strength and self-regulation through BrainWare Learning is a gift that serves students for a lifetime.”

Whitcomb comes from a family of educators dating back over 100 years. She supplemented her undergraduate work at Butler University (Indianapolis) in Elementary Education, with classes that earned licensing endorsements in teaching students identified as mentally challenged, learning disabled, emotionally disturbed and neurologically impaired. In May 2019, she completed Butler University’s graduate certificate in Applied Neuroscience in Education, under Dr. Lori Desautels.

As Special Advisor to the Superintendent of Public Instruction at the Indiana Department of Education, Whitcomb managed special projects including Hoosier Family of Readers, Reimagining Delivery of Mathematics Instruction, and School Improvement workshops.

“I have been blessed to be in positions where I could genuinely help children,” said Whitcomb. “Now, I am in a spot where I can help large numbers of children who learn differently. It is a fact that most children learn differently, and traditionally, they haven’t gotten all the help they needed in schools. What most traditional education doesn’t address is the cognitive infrastructure for learning – the skills that our brains use to take in, understand, organize, store, and retrieve information from the world around us. Cognitive Skills like attention and memory are the foundation for learning. Each mind develops uniquely, with some cognitive skills that are stronger than others. Our cognitive strengths and weaknesses impact our success in school, the workplace and in life. But the good news is, learning capacity is not fixed. It can (and should) be developed. That’s where BrainWare Learning Company comes in.”

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