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Timely Resources for Educators Changing the Game


As educational leaders navigate difficult financial times, with increased emphasis on accountability and teacher proficiency, and the Common Core Standards, there are some key resources that all should be aware of.

The Road Less Traveled: Policy Recommendations

This compelling report from the National Council on Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) points out that teachers have not generally been educated in the developmental sciences or to understand brain research and cognitive development. Moreover, it makes clear that, without this, we will never close the achievement gap.

The Neuroscience in Education Webinar Series

These free webinars are wonderful ways for teachers and administrators to learn about how the brain functions and how to apply the principles of brain-compatible teaching in their classrooms, schools and programs.

Neuroscience and Special Education, Inforum Policy Analysis

This brief policy analysis for the National Association of Directors of Special Education highlights how neuroscience is informing practice in supporting the needs and development of special education students.

The High Cost of Low Educational Performance

This report from the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development speaks to the importance of cognitive development in education and the economic consequences of failing to address our students cognitive deficits in a world where the demands for higher-level thinking are increasingly critical.

BrainWare Safari

BrainWare Safari can help districts save money by reducing the need for costly special education resources. It helps teacher proficiency by delivering students to the classroom better prepared to learn. And it helps support accountability by addressing the cognitive development your students need to meet the academic challenges they face within the new Common Core Standards.

Understanding what brain research is telling us about the teaching and learning processes can be a real game changer.

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