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“I remember that first day he. He said he was done with his homework and it wasn’t even 6:00. We looked at each other like, “What you just say?!?” In 1st and 2nd grade, homework was was 2 hours every night. It was crazy, because we were just falling behind. No matter how hard we tried to keep moving, we just keep falling behind because it was taking so much time to get him to learn. And so we knew we needed to do something, but we didn’t exactly know what was going on with Michael.

With the first MindPrint [cognitive assessment], I just wanted to know where was Michael? We know that he has the capability to learn. But what were his strengths and what were is weaknesses? And then from there we can take the opportunities. “I remember being told that Michael worked very hard at listening and learning and he’s really strong at that. And I didn’t know that. And it made me feel like, OK, so he does have some skills and he is applying them when he know where to do that. ”

It was not fun doing BrainWare with Michael, but then it started becoming rewarding. When he would get things right and win a game, he started getting excited about it. Towards the end of the first cycle of BrainWare, he would start saying, “This is easy, I can do these spelling words.” And his homework would happen in 15 minutes, which is what it should be. So we went from two hours before to 15 minutes towards the end of BrainWare. 15 minutes to to do his homework and he was done. It changed our evenings, that’s for sure. ”

So he eventually passed IREAD [Indiana 3rd grade reading test] by like 80%. And then he started getting all these little awards from school. He got student of the month, not jus for his class, but for student of the month for his entire grade. And then his teacher started choosing him to be his helper. And then like just all these good things started happening to him. So he was becoming more confident in his work and and it was starting to show up in school. ”

So we went through BrainWare a second time in the summer. And Michael received straight A’s this past grading period. And he was the only one who did in his class. And so now he’s just like, because, you know, I’m just really smart. I’m so smart, Mommy. And we’re like, OK, son, we know you’re really smart. Thank you for telling us. He’s feeling really, really good about his abilities. We see lots of progress with Michael and I don’t think that we would have seen it without BrainWare.”

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