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“Now he started a new school and all the feedback I’m getting from the teacher and the director is, ‘You told me he has a situation, but we are very happy with seeing him interact and listening and interconnecting inside of his scenario.’ So for me appreciating after the program and seeing benefits months after for me is, in my business world, the ROI of my investment. So I have a long-term return on my investment. And I would do it again. A couple of more times. Just to keep strengthening his abilities because of what I saw and what I still keep seeing after the program.

“To me it was very valuable, so I want to highlight an amazing staff that BrainWare has as a core value, which I appreciated from the beginning throughout the process ,and even afterwards. The feeling that people care behind a software. It makes BrainWare more than a software program.

“I would say this is it. Don’t keep searching. Give it a try. Trust the process. Get invested in the process because the team motivates you to be part of the process. And trust the process because it will deliver. If you want this combination of an interesting software, very scientific, very professional, accompanied by amazing staff, this is the place to be. So don’t doubt. Sometimes we doubt too much because we’ve so much mediocre stuff in the market. This is the one that you’re looking for. This is the outstanding one that you want for your kids. So don’t let doubt let you decide not to let your kids have this amazing experience. 100% recommended.”

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