Stop Running against the Wind


Most of us make learning harder than it needs to be. Why? Because we don’t really understand what it takes to learn something. And because we don’t know what the new science of learning has to tell us. In fact, The New Science of Learning is the title of a powerful book written by Terry Doyle that he will discuss in this webinar.

This webinar will focus on how students at any age can become more efficient and effective learners by understanding how to learn in harmony with their brain. New insights into how the brain learns make it clear that many of the learning practices used by students are highly inefficient, ineffective or just plain wrong yet they continue to use them because they don’t know how their brains naturally learn. Participants will learn (at least) 5 things they can do to make learning easier, more efficient and more enduring – for themselves and for their students and children.

If you have questions or need additional information on anything we discussed in this webinar, please email [email protected] After you have watched this webinar, you can request a certificate of participation.




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