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The Science of Performance in Sports: Training the Mind


For decades, every sport, every athletic organization, and every sports executive has looked for its next superstar to elevate their performance. The world gravitates to sports superstars. And having high performers that produce results in any situation brings rewards, recognition, and opportunity. Nowadays, high performers or superstars aren’t just found, they’re carefully developed from a young age.

This webinar will highlight examples from popular sports as we examine how the cognitive skills that we use everyday surface in the sports that we love to watch and play. Learn what separates the average from the great. You will leave this webinar with a greater understanding of the visual and cognitive requirements of performance in sports and how we can apply these learnings for better targeted and more relevant training. Using state of the art technologies that are trusted by the world’s superstars, each of us can apply skills that we might not even know we have in order to perform to our full potential.


Abhinav Prakash, Co-Founder, BoxOut Inc.
Abhinav is a performance enthusiast with a wealth of international experience and cultural learning accumulated from travel to over 20 countries. As a co-founder at BoxOut, he is determined to make meaningful contributions in society and to the overall development of individuals in the community. He has worked with several of the top organizations around the world including those in the NHL, NBA, MLS as well as NBA India, Canada Basketball, and more. Abhinav is also a passionate advocate for women in sports and leadership. He is continually involved in the community coaching youth sports and volunteering.

Dave Jordan, Business Development Manager, BrainWare Learning Company
Dave works with clinicians and learning specialists in multiple disciplines helping them incorporate cognitive assessment and cognitive training in their practices. He applies his personal experience as a collegiate athlete and semi-professional hockey player in his work with athletic trainers who incorporate cognitive skills development as part of their training and post-concussion regimens.


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