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In an article published by EdNews Daily, Roger Stark and Betsy Hill wrote:

Cognitive training (which is also called brain training) involves activities designed specifically to strengthen one or more cognitive skills. Some cognitive training programs focus on individual cognitive skills, while others are more com­prehensive and integrated, focusing on a large number of cognitive skills at one time. They may be computer-based or use paper-and-pencil activities or a variety of other approaches.

While people participate in cognitive training for various reasons, the most common reason for children to be in a cog­nitive training program is to improve their capacity to learn.

There is often confusion about the difference between cogni­tive training and brain games. The world is full of games, puz­zles, software and other activities that involve mental processes. But most are intended for entertainment rather than mean­ingful impact on learning capacity. For a cognitive training program to have significant impact, it needs to be designed according to specific neuroscience principles.

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