Rethinking Remediation Higher Education

Rethinking Remediation in Higher Education


The statistics on the need for remedial work for students entering college are sobering. Over half of students entering a two-year college must take remedial courses in English or Math. Almost 20% of students entering 4-year colleges are in that position. While the majority of students complete their remedial courses, only a small fraction succeed in graduating with a degree.

This webinar will examine (and challenge) some of the assumptions that underpin traditional approaches to remediation, both to helping students achieve appropriate levels of reading and math, and to development of the other skills that are required for success in post-secondary education, such as cognitive skills.

Topics covered in this webinar:
The Role of Cognitive Skills in Reading, Math and Academic Disciplines
Effective Approaches to Developing Student Learning Capacity
Enhancing the College Experience for Students Taking Remedial Coursework


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