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Research Continues to Show Link Between Media Violence and Aggressive Behavior


Research continues to add to the already strong evidence of the impact of media violence on aggressive behavior. A recent study looked at teens and concluded that teens with high levels of impulsivity were particularly at risk. On the other hand, parental monitoring showed a protective effect. The protective effect of parental involvement and monitoring has also been shown in earlier research to play an important role, for young children as well as teens. Among other factors contributing to aggressive behavior is family conflict and witnessing violence directly.

We reviewed some of the research on media violence in our webinar on Technology and Our Brains, and discussed the potential to develop inhibitory control (the ability to control impulsive thoughts and behaviors) in another webinar on Executive Functions. Inhibitory control is one of the three core executive functions, along with working memory and cognitive flexibility.

With all the choices in media … what is your teen watching today?



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