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PTSD & The Brain


Within the last two decades, the term PTSD has become a household word, but the signs of PTSD, and most importantly, effective treatments are not as widely understood. PTSD affects many veterans, but also affects people who have not served in the military. This webinar will examine PTSD both from a neuroscience point of view and from a human point of view. The brain mechanisms that trap sufferers in reliving the most terrifying experiences of their lives will be reviewed, as well as the consequences for families and others who live with those who suffer from PTSD. Implications for educators dealing with students and families affected by PTSD will also be discussed.

Our guest presenters for this webinar will be Janet and Tony Seahorn, authors of Tears of a Warrior. Janet has a PhD in Human Development and Organizational Systems; she teaches neuroscience and literacy at Colorado State University in Fort Collins. Tony Seahorn is an Army veteran, who served in Vietnam, earning multiple medals, including two Bronze Stars for heroism and two Purple Hearts. Today, Janet and Tony work with veterans and their families across the country. For many of them, Janet and Tony’s personal story has opened a new window of hope.


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