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Product Studied BrainWare SAFARI
Subjects 150 students, all students in Grades 3, 4 and 5 at Ross Elementary, a Title I School, Topeka School District, Topeka, KS
Usage BrainWare SAFARI was used 4 sessions per week, 30-40 minutes per session, 11 weeks
Assessment 3 Woodcock-Johnson III Cognitive Battery subtests, Kansas State General Assessment
Title I School


Student performance on the WCJIII subtests improved an average of 1 year 10 months, consistent with results from previous research on these three specific tests, following use of BrainWare SAFARI. On a second post-test, following 6 months of non-use of the program, the students' cognitive development was maintained or continued to improve, yielding average total growth of 3 years and 2 months over the school year. The percentage of students meeting the state assessment standards improved for both reading (from 56% in 2009 to 65% in 2010) and math (from 26% in 2009 to 72% in 2010). The average reading score increased at each grade level, moving from below the standard to the meets or exceeds range. The average math score increased at each grade level, remaining in the meets or exceeds range.

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