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Charlotte: I found myself being able to write and read faster, and not only faster but being able to comprehend it. In math too I sometimes struggled with being able to read the whole formula, but since going through BrainWare, I’ve been able to just read it and be able to do it.”

Paul: The changes that we’ve seen in Charlotte were suddenly, without prompting, she was checking to make sure she knew when her homework was due. For the first time in her young life, I saw her studying on her own. She was doing her homework. Academically the thing that I really could immediately see was a renewed interest in being on task and getting the tasks accomplished.

Charlotte: When we first got on the program I was very interested in how the whole thing worked because they’re games but they help improve your skills in a lot of different ways.

Paul: There’s something about the way the program is put together that’s engaging for Charlotte and I’m sure for other people too where it doesn’t feel like labor. It feels like fun to learn.

Charlotte: I would say do it. The program is really great. Sometimes it can feel a little bit challenging but it really is fun and at the end of it you feel like I did that. I actually completed that game or I actually completed this or that and being able to see it in your daily life is really great.

Paul: It made differences that I never anticipated never expected in Charlotte’s academic life and her personal life and her self-confidence, so I would say absolutely to use the program and get going as quickly as possible because it really works.

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