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Meta-Analysis Concludes Intelligence Is a Whole Brain Phenomenon

A meta-analysis conducted at NUI Galway (National University of Ireland, Galway) concludes that intelligence is not about discrete parts of the brain, but how the brain as a whole is connected.  Not only is intelligence predicted by gray matter, but by white matter — how well and efficiently the brain is connected as a whole.

According to lead author Dr. Laurena Holleran, Lecturer in Clinical Neuroscience and Professor Gary Donohoe, Established Professor at NUI Galway’s School of Psychology and Centre for Neuroimaging Cognition and Genomics, “Efficient connection pathways across the entire brain provide a neural network that supports general cognitive function.”

The findings are consistent with another study we reported on recently, where researchers found that learning disabilities are also predicted by overall brain connectivity, rather than specific areas.

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