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Benefit of BrainWare SAFARI at a Leading Private School in Argentina

Product Studied BrainWare SAFARI
Subjects 3rd grade students in 4 elementary schools, 113 in the treatment group, 144 in the no-treatment group. predominantly Spanish-speaking, low SES, Fillmore Unified School District, Fillmore, CA.
Usage BrainWare SAFARI was used 3 sessions per week, 30 minutes per session, 11 weeks
Assessment California State Test (ELA and Math)
Fillmore Unified School District


The students who used BrainWare SAFARI performed better than a control group. The change in English Language Arts was 17 scaled score units better for the BrainWare students, who also narrowed the gap between their scores and the median state score. Similar improvements were found for both English Language Learners and fluent-English speakers. In Math, the improvement for the BrainWare SAFARI students (19 scaled score increase) also exceeded state-wide growth, while the control group's scores declined. While the trend was consistent for English Language Learners and fluent English-speaking students was consistent, the difference for the English Languages Learners was highly significant.

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