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Standardized testing is coming up for many schools this spring, even though it may look a little different than usual. Students and their parents often become anxious about tests in general and standardized tests in particular.

In this engaging session, we’ll talk about some simple things everyone can do to calm the jitters and get through the testing season calmly and in one piece. Join us for tips for before, during and after the test.

Key Questions

  • What can you do to be ready to do your best on a standardized test?

  • What test-taking strategies can help?

  • What should you do if your mind goes blank during the test?

Improving Performance on State Standardized Tests with Cognitive Training

Cognitive training has been shown to improve performance on a variety of cognitive tests and as well as academic tests of reading and math.  Based on that, and an understanding of the skills we use whenever we are asked to demonstrate what we know and can do, cognitive skills training should help students taking annual state tests.  Here are two studies that looked at state test scores in addition to other measures.

Improvement in California State Test Scores Following Cognitive Training

Pilot of BrainWare SAFARI with Students in a Title I School


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