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Joint Congressional Briefing on Neuroscience in the Classroom


BrainWare Safari hosted a Congressional Briefing in cooperation with US Congressman Danny K. Davis focusing on Neuroscience in the Classroom.  The session examined how the brain learns and how that knowledge is being applied in America’s classrooms to significantly impact student outcomes. The findings have implications for policymakers, educators, students and parents. The presenters will provide briefing attendees with information on neuroscience in the classroom from three different perspectives: theory, research and classroom.

Today, everyone is looking for ways to create better educational outcomes and to help students have greater success in the classroom and in life. BrainWare SAFARI builds learning capacity and delivers students to the classroom who are better prepared to learn for less money, facilitating classroom learning, at an unprecedented rate in a matter of weeks.

Roger Stark, CEO of BrainWare Learning, said: We are holding this briefing to let lawmakers and policymakers know that, as a nation, we need to look at funding neuroscience research in the classroom on a broad scale. Current education funding is short-sighted, looking more at the symptoms than the causes of learning failure. This briefing will provide revealing insights into what just could be the missing piece of the puzzle to elevate our students’ ability to learn and achieve full college and career readiness. Education reform initiatives have been primarily focused on external issues: buildings, technology, teachers, curriculum, etc. We believe the missing piece of the puzzle is what each student brings to the learning experience. It is about recognizing the lack of learning capacity and the associated challenges many of our students face.

Ron Kraft, Superintendent, Hale Area Schools, said: We need more flexibility at the district level in our educational system. We need to evaluate where we are spending money and how we are spending time in the classroom. Our recommendation would be tighter goals tied to real accountability, with the authority and responsibility at the district level.

BrainWare SAFARI is built on more than 40 years of interdisciplinary clinical practitioners working together to discover what drives the greatest cognitive growth in the shortest period of time. Peer-reviewed published research shows dramatic gains in cognitive development for BrainWare Safari users. We can improve educational results in all kinds of schools by getting students’ brains ready to learn, explained Betsy Hill, President and COO of BrainWare Learning.

Briefing presenters:

Roger Stark, Dr. Patricia Wolfe, Dr. Sarah Avtzon, and Superintendent Ron Kraft.

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