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Cognitive Training is for the Gifted Too


Sometimes when I talk to an educator or a parent about BrainWare SAFARI and cognitive skills, he or she will assume that the program is only for struggling learners or to remediate a deficit of some kind. But the truth of the matter is that we all have cognitive strengths and weaknesses, although many of us have learned to compensate for them. In fact, sometimes it’s the kids (and grownups) who have always been told they’re bright who benefit in unanticipated ways. Here’s a letter I got from a parent whose child was helped to qualify for a gifted program by improving his working memory with BrainWare SAFARI.

Our child just missed the IQ cutoff for a gifted program because his working memory subtest score was too low. He did BrainWare SAFARI in the following year, and when he was retested a year later, his working memory score went up by 12 points, which helped him to make the cutoff for the program! Even more importantly, the experience of failing hard levels (e.g., Sky Scanning Level 6) time after time, but continuing to work at it, and then finally passing it, has given him a powerful personal experience of perseverance paying off in the end. Thanks to BrainWare SAFARI, he now believes that even if something is far too difficult, if he keeps practicing, he will improve, and will eventually succeed.

There are many students who have qualified for gifted programs thanks to BrainWare SAFRARI. If you’re interested in learning more, here’s a link to a study of a school in South Carolina. Click here for the study.

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