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Channah: It’s different, like night and day compared to before she started the BrainWare program. And now, two years later, It’s like an extraordinary difference in who she is, even in how she processes information. Even how she and I have discussions just about life in general. I see less frustration in her and she’s so much more focused. She uses her words in ways that are so positive. And that’s another thing I’ve seen, a huge confidence boost. Her self-esteem is, for lack of a better term, like on steroids right now. And it’s such a healthy self-esteem because she has such a great time learning now.

Sophia: I started BrainWare when I was in 6th grade and now I’m in 8th grade. When I was in 6th grade, I was a couple of years behind grade level. But with the help of BrainWare, my brain has jumped from being way behind three years behind my grade Level to pretty much a year ahead. Thank God to BrainWare that all happened, and with the help of Dr. Lou.

Channah: What I would tell other parents is that what I’ve seen in my daughter is so spectacular, that if their child is struggling in any way, they’re going to see it completely reversed.

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