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The Council of Administrators of Special Education Winter Workshop, February 8-10, 2023, will delve deeply in Deciphering Dyslexia. Betsy Hill, president of BrainWare Learning Company will be leading the session on The Science of Teaching Meets the Science of Learning the morning of February 10.

Recent attention to the Science of Reading is helping educators understand how we learn to read. It is also helping to identify where difficulties can occur in the process of learning to read, contributing to dyslexia. And it is helping to explain how reading instruction can be provided to support the development of critical reading skills based on sound science.

Hill’s session will examine the science of reading within the broader context of the science of learning, In particular, she will review important findings from neuroscience research on how learning happens in the brain, the cognitive skills (mental processes) that are the foundation for learning, and how they impact reading. She will explain how underlying brain processes called cognitive skills can affect the development of reading skills. She will examine different approaches to supporting students in using their cognitive strengths to support learning in general, as well as reading and writing specifically, and to help mitigate the impact of weaker cognitive functions.

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