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BrainWare Learning Company, whose innovative Cognitive Literacy Solutions help clients address brain fitness needs and improve cognitive capacity through the practical application of neuroscience to learning and teaching, announces a partnership agreement with the Educational Service Centers of Indiana.

“This agreement represents an important development in collaboration among educational professionals in the state of Indiana,” said Dr. Robert Taylor, Ed.D., Executive Director, Indiana Association of Public School Superintendents. “The opportunity to work with BrainWare Learning Company at this level of collaboration and structured support will enable schools and teachers to understand how each student learns best. It will enable teachers to analyze the inhibitors to learning for students who learn differently, to identify strategies and interventions that can best support them, and to build the cognitive skills they need to be stronger learners. These new tools will have a direct impact on reducing stress and anxiety for students, as well as for teachers, by giving them a roadmap to easier and more effective learning.”

The Indiana Department of Education (INDOE) has also approved BrainWare Learning Company as a Technical Assistance Partner for the state’s school Improvement efforts. All Approved Technical Assistance Partners have been thoroughly vetted by the Department and their services and interventions had been determined to meet the evidence requirements of ESSA. Schools who include any of the Technical Assistance Partners’ solutions in grant applications, such as for Title I funds, can be confident that the solutions will be accepted.

“We are looking forward to helping the educators of Indiana build the cognitive skills that their students need to excel in schools, as well as helping to reduce stress and anxiety for both students and their teachers,” said Roger Stark, Co-Founder and CEO at BrainWare Learning Company. “For far too long, mental wellbeing has taken the proverbial back seat to physical health in our country, and in fact has been stigmatized to a large degree. The effects of this outdated thinking can be seen every day on any news broadcast in America. At BrainWare Learning, we are committed to changing this narrative. Mental health and physiological health in our schools are two sides of the same coin. At BrainWare Learning, we are committed to doing our part to enhance the wellbeing of our school communities while we build the cognitive skills our learners need to thrive in today’s world.”

“As I have researched and learned more about BrainWare Learning, I think it can be a game-changer in making a significant impact in helping students develop the cognitive skills necessary to improve their academic achievement,” said Andrew Melin, Ph.D., Executive Director of the Central Indiana Educational Service Center. “In addition, their enhanced cognitive skills and newfound confidence should go miles towards alleviating anxiety and stress within our student population.”

According to Joshua O. Wenning, Ph.D., Executive Director of the Region 8 Education Service Center of Northeast Indiana, “As schools seek solutions to address student learning gaps, BrainWare Learning represents one of the best possible options. Their unique and innovative system is designed to analyze how each individual student learns, and then provide educators with the best approach to supporting each student’s learning needs. Having researched this product, I can safely say that BrainWare Learning Company represents a resource that every school can benefit from immediately.”

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