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BrainWare Learning Company is teaming with LiteracyPlanet for the U.S. launch of the award-winning, online English Language Arts program.

In November, LiteracyPlanet announced the introduction of the U.S. version of its program that already has broad usage and success across Australia, and the U.K. in addition to Middle-Eastern and Asian countries.

LiteracyPlanet meets our exacting criteria for the programs we offer, said Roger Stark, CEO of BrainWare Learning Company. It utilizes the best practices of digital game-based learning to personalize each students experience, and its impact on student outcomes has been demonstrated in research. We believe that LiteracyPlanet is to language arts what BrainWare SAFARI is to cognitive development. BrainWare SAFARI helps create a strong foundation for learning and LiteracyPlanet can help take literacy to a new level of personalization and engagement.

Not only has LiteracyPlanet been shown to accelerate students acquisition of literacy skills, it integrates all aspects of literacy, from phonics, listening and reading to spelling, grammar and writing, into a single powerful platform from K-10th grade.

According to Betsy Hill, president of BrainWare Learning Company, the program enables teachers to assign activities based on the needs of individual students or groups of students, and also enables student-directed learning. All of the learning activities in LiteracyPlanet are aligned with state standards and teachers can search for activities that meet any particular standard. These features, together with rich and intuitive reporting, make this program easy for teachers to use and track student progress. And students love it!

About BrainWare Learning Company

BrainWare Learning Company offers programs and tools that further the practical application of neuroscience to teaching and learning. The company and its programs have earned an impressive array of awards including the Software and Information Industry CODiE Award as Best Education Game or Simulation; a Parents Choice Award; a Teachers Choice for the Family Award; a Moms Choice Award; District Administrations Top 100 Products in Education; the Association of Education Publishers Distinguished Achievement Award, the Academics Choice Mindspring Award, and a Parent-Test Parent-Approved Award. The company was recently named one of the 20 most promising global gamification technology solution providers by CIO Review. The companys programs include BrainWare SAFARI cognitive skills training software, which is listed as one of the Ideas that Work in special education by the U.S. Department of Education, the Mindprint Cognitive Assessment, and SkateKids and Ramps To Reading cognitively based reading programs. The newest addition to the product line is Literacy Planet, a comprehensive English language arts program, aligned to standards and delivered online with thousands of game-based activities, for students in elementary grades through high school. The Companys innovative approaches make the application of neuroscience practical and effective for consumers, educators, and clinicians and in the workplace. For further information, visit or call 877-BRAIN-10 (877-272-4610).

About LiteracyPlanet

LiteracyPlanet is a fun, comprehensive language arts program for schools that helps builds students skills across multiple facets, including phonics, word recognition, listening, reading, spelling, vocabulary and grammar. The program is aligned to standards and consists of thousands of game-based exercises that give students a variety of ways to learn literacy skills. The new U.S. version extends the application of the learning platform from Australia and the U.K. education systems, as well as both native-speaking and ELL students around the world.


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