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BrainWare Learning Company, whose innovative Cognitive Literacy Solutions help clients address brain fitness needs and improve cognitive capacity through the practical application of neuroscience to learning and teaching, announced an agreement to purchase SkateKids and Ramps to Reading from SKO Learning.

The synergies between BrainWare Learning Company and SkateKids and Ramps to Reading come from a common foundation for both companies’ programs–neuroscience principles combined with digital game-based learning to develop students’ cognitive processes and accelerate academic progress.

SkateKids and Ramps to Reading are online digital game-based supplemental reading programs built to stimulate and develop the cognitive processes necessary for learning to read while students build critical literacy skills.

Ramps to Reading (Ages 4 to 7) takes early readers from initial pre-literacy levels to basic word reading and comprehension. Engaging games help learners acquire and practice skills in a developmentally appropriate sequence.

SkateKids (Ages 7 to 12) cultivates early readers in an immersive environment that scaffolds reading levels as it helps learners develop critical thinking and metacognitive skills.

According to Alan Aldworth, President of SKO Learning, “BrainWare is the leader of neuroscience-based learning programs. They have more data on positive learning outcomes than any educational program I know of. Their solutions have helped tens of thousands of children and adults improve critical thinking skills and educational outcomes.”

Brain research has shown that cognitive processes, such as sustained and selective attention, simultaneous and sequential processing, processing speed, working memory, visualization, and executive function are essential in learning to read and comprehend text. These types of cognitive processes can be developed, leading to improved performance in academics and everyday life activities.

“SkateKids and Ramps to Reading incorporate many of the same key ingredients that have made BrainWare Learning Company so successful,” said Betsy Hill, President and COO of BrainWare Learning. “These are the first reading programs we have seen that are able meet our criteria for the programs we develop and market—the application of neuroscience to develop the underlying cognitive skills required for learning, the compelling evidence of results, and the use of an engaging and effective digital, game-based approach.”

“SkateKids and Ramps to Reading are the world’s first reading programs completely built on the principles of neuroscience and based on the seminal research of Dr. Jack Naglieri. They will provide BrainWare Learning Company’s customers with an entree into the world of cognitive skills training at an early age, beginning at the Pre-K level,” said Roger Stark, BrainWare Learning’s CEO. “We are very excited to expand our portfolio of cognitive-based programs that can drive dramatic change in student performance.”

About SKO Learning

SKO Learning was the developer of SkateKids™ and Ramps to Reading™ digital literacy and cognitive skills development programs. These programs incorporate the work of Dr. Jack Naglieri, known for his work in cognitive assessment and the PASS theory of intelligence, in an immersive digital game-based world.

About BrainWare Learning

BrainWare Learning Company’s innovative Cognitive Literacy Solutions help clients address their brain fitness needs and improve their cognitive capacity, through the practical application of neuroscience to learning and teaching. They focus on foundational cognitive skills, executive functions, and the keys to literacy, that enhance performance in school, the workplace and life. For more information, visit

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