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The report on Brain Fitness and Executive Function from BrainFutures contains the following Call to Action:

“Our society has a clear problem: many children’s brains are not primed for learning, which reduces their cognitive and emotional skills. Youth brain fitness will inform the future academic, social, and economic outcomes of our  country. Adoption of the vetted programs highlighted in this report has risen by more than 40% over the past four
years to 7,200+ schools, demonstrating a nationwide momentum toward brain-based approaches to improving student outcomes.

“The U.S. cannot afford complacency. Schools do not need to wait for solutions to be developed and tested.  Neuroscience-based programs that improve the outcomes of our youth are readily available. The power to take action and support the health, well-being, and intellectual development of our youth is within the reach of every school in the nation. Policymakers, education leaders, and faculty champions have the capacity to come together to radically improve the learning outcomes and social-emotional landscapes of their students—and of our country’s next generation.

“The evidence is clear: every school in the U.S. should adopt an executive function program and executive function training should be a standard component of teacher certification programs. In every cultural movement there is a tipping point—a time when sufficient and convincing evidence influences the population to make a change in a social norm. We believe education in the U.S. has reached this critical point.

“Our nation’s students are waiting.”

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