Blueprint for Building a 21st Century Worker Part Two: Are We Workforce-Ready?


In part one of this article, we took a look at the cognitive capacity and cognitive skills needed to build a workforce-ready employee. In this article, we discuss the evidence that those entering the workforce lack many of the skills they will need to succeed in today’s workplace.  We then turn to the role of cognitive skills training in helping develop workplace-ready workers.

Neuroscience research has proven that intelligence is not fixed and that the ability to learn, think and problem-solve can be enhanced at any age. The implications of this new knowledge in the workplace are profound. It means that poorly prepared entry-level workers can make significant improvements in their ability to meet workplace requirements, becoming retrained in weeks. It means that the effectiveness of corporate training programs can be dramatically improved, whether the training is for job-specific skills or so-called soft skills like critical thinking, communication, or collaboration. It means that it is possible to develop the overall cognitive capacity of both individuals and organizations.


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