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April Plexers


Have a little fun with these plexers.  Plexers are word puzzles with a visual twist … read in a certain way, they each convey a common phrase.


 Plexers x


Got ’em figured out?  Scroll down for the answers:



A little more…



Almost there …



Plexer Answers (going across the top row and then across the bottom row):


Go for it (the word go and four ITs)

Too bad (two bad)

I understand (I underneath the word stand)

Space Invaders (space in Vaders)

5 degrees below zero (MBA, PhD, etc are all academic degrees and there are five of them below the word zero)

Rough around the edges (the word rough at the endges of the square, all the way around)


Got a plexer for us?  Let us know!



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