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BrainWare Learning partner MindPrint Learning has highlighted a case study that details the power of combining cognitive assessment and cognitive training.  The implementation took place at Urey Middle School in Walkerton, IN.

All Urey Middle School 7th graders and select 8th graders took the MindPrint Cognitive Assessment at the beginning of the school year. Teachers used the MindPrint Profiles to teach strategies to students individually and in groups. A smaller group of 58 students with academic struggles and weaker executive functions were selected for additional intervention using the BrainWare SAFARI cognitive training program. This online program is designed to be used 3-5x per week for 30-45 minute sessions to improve cognitive functioning, particularly attention and working memory. Improvements in these areas are shown to improve student self-confidence and extend to academic achievement. Pat Crone, the students’ teacher and the school’s athletic director, coached students in BrainWare SAFARI. He explained how student’s attitudes about learning changed. “Students told me they felt more confident in their language class or their math class. They said they felt like they knew how to tackle problems in the classroom because of the skills that they were working on within BrainWare.”

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