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Cognitive Skills and Math

While reading difficulties have been studied extensively in the last few decades, difficulties learning math have received less attention. Math disabilities, however, are as common as reading disabilities at 5 to 8% of the population1. Like reading disabilities, math disabilities may have multiple causes and dimensions. There is growing evidence that underlying cognitive processes play a significant role in math performance. This paper discussed the different types of cognitive skills involved in common math disabilities and the role of cognitive training in addressing weaknesses in those skill areas.

Impact of BrainWare SAFARI on Progress in Reading

The 4th-grade girls class was the only one in the school that exceeded their DIBELS benchmark score at the end of the school year. The rate of progress accelerated during the second half of the year when they were using BrainWare SAFARI, moving from 9 WPM above benchmark to 26 WPM above benchmark. The teacher observed behavioral improvements in the students, particularly in making fewer careless errors, memory, grasping new concepts and communication with parents, peers and teachers, following use of the program.

Case Study — Family with ADD/ADHD

This is a case study of a family with three boys diagnosed with ADD/ADHD. Improvements in attention and other cognitive skills were noted following use of BrainWare SAFARI.This w

BrainWare SAFARI with Students With Autism Spectrum Diagnoses

Product Studied:           BrainWare SAFARI Subjects      33 male (28) and female(5) children, ages 5 to 16, with a range of ASD (severe to Asperger’s)

Cognitive Skills and Reading

Learning to read well requires that the basic processes of decoding and comprehending become automatic so that they do not have to be thought about consciously. Readers who must decode letters and words consciously are distracted by the process and are thus unable to concentrate on the meaning of what they are reading. This paper discusses the underlying cognitive skills needed in order to be able to learn to read, and how those skills can be enhanced.

BrainWare SAFARI in a Special Needs School

Students with low IQx improved their cognitive skills by 9 months on average over the school year while they used BrainWare SAFARI, a greater improvement than typically experienced by this type of student receiving other interventions.

Cognitive Improvements for Chinese ELL Students

Students studying English at a Chinese community center used BrainWare SAFARI. On average they experienced 3 years 6 months cognitive improvement over the 11 weeks of the study, and 2 years 4 months improvement on the achievement tests. As in other studies, each student improved his or her performance on the tests.

BrainWare SAFARI Benefits 4th and 5th Grade Boys At Risk

The study involved 4th and 5th grade boys with a history of behavior problems in school. BrainWare SAFARI was used within the curriculum by the two teachers. The students had an average chronological age of 11 at the time of the pre-test but tested at an intellectual age of 8 years 2 months.