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A New Formula for Helping Students and Schools “Level Up”

In this webinar, Tom Hughes, principal, and Trudy Blue, instructional coach, of Maple Crest Middle School in Kokomo Indiana, will tell their story of the search to find solutions for students who are behind grade level in .

Drawing Aids Visualization

When we draw something, our brains use the same neural networks as when we recognize and name that object.  New research shows how important the visual processing system is in

The Learning Brain Crossword Puzzle

    You can download a printable version below, both with and without the answers.   Download printable puzzle. Download puzzle with answers.    

Please Take My Crutches

A 17-year-old high-school student recently walked into a high-stakes test without the accommodations that he had received for years. This was not an arbitrary administrative decision; it was his choice.

Closing the Achievement Gap by Closing the Cognitive Gap — Webinar

This webinar addresses cognitive development as barrier to closing the achievement gap and the need for training of cognitive skills as a matter of equity.

Donuts and Dougnuts

We created this Word Search Puzzle in honor of National Doughnut Day (or National Donut Day) and you don't have to decide how to spell it either because both are in this Word Search puzzle.

Some Ways to Be More Intelligent

A recent article published in Medium, busts myths about intelligence right and left.  First is the notion that intelligence is not changeable.  In fact, as we know, intelligence is not fixed  but can be developed and nobody knows what the limits on that are. 

Some Thoughts on Learner Variability

Uneven cognitive skills can be just as stressful, sometimes moreso, for a student than having more consistent but less strong learning skills. 

Supporting Diverse Learners in Literacy

In this webinar, we will discuss the concept of cognitive load and neuroscience-based approaches to strengthening students’ capacity for cognitive load as well as strategies to lighten cognitive load in the process of learning to read.

Your Brain’s Memory Back-Up System

Strong memories involve groups or teams or networks of neurons that fire together.  While neuroscientists have long said that "neurons that fire together wire together," recent reesarch at Cal Tech shows how repeated exposure to something recruits multiple neurons into the memory system, creating built-in redundancy.