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At the start, BrainWare was a single program.  Today it is a full-blown concept and platform for better teaching and learning informed by a deep (and continually deepening) understanding of how the brain works and learns.  There was no school for educators who wanted to understand neuroscience when we started, but we have learned from and collaborated with other pioneers.  It has been gratifying to see much of what we originally believed be supported by a mounting body of evidence.  We have tested our programs and ideas in authentic clinical, educational and workplace settings.  We listen and learn from our clients, including parents, clinicians, educators and workplace organizations.

Everything we do must meet these criteria:

1. The product or service relates to development of better teaching and learning, focused primarily on building cognitive capacity.

2. It is evidence-based, which means that it is supported by sound research. But for us it means more.  It means that we insist on evaluating our programs and products with a variety of research methodologies.  We believe that peer-reviewed, published research is essential, but we also emphasize helping our clients demonstrate the value of our programs in ways that are meaningful to them..

3. It embodies the best practices of technology, particularly video-game technology, to deliver an engaging, motivating and impactful experience. We seek to extend the value of our programs to a broad population … everyone has a brain.

BrainWare Learning Company, based in Chicago, develops and markets programs and tools that further the practical application of sound neuroscience principles to the teaching and learning process.  Our software programs combine neuroscience with motivating video-game technology, and include BrainWare SAFARI, the leading cognitive skills development software in the education market, and SkateKids and Ramps To Reading cognitively based reading programs. We also offer the Mindprint cognitive assessment, a scientifically valid cognitive assessment that can be administered by parents or teachers, as well as clinical professionals. The application of neuroscience to classroom practice and organizational training comes alive in the Company’s professional development programs under the Brains ON! brand.

Our innovative approaches make the application of neuroscience research practical and effective for consumers, educators, and clinicians, and in the workplace.

We are committed to helping each individual develop his or her cognitive ability as far as it can be developed.  We support each person in becoming the most effective learner, thinker, and problem-solver he/she can be.  The foundation for programs we develop and support relies on sound neuroscience principles, the power of entertaining and motivating digital game-based technology, and demonstrating the effectiveness of our programs through research.  We envision a world in which every child and every adult has the ability to succeed academically and in life because they have developed the cognitive capacity to do so.


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