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Peter Kline, Mr. Inspiration

Peter Kline was a man who lived what he believed.  He was true to his spirit, true to his soul, true to his intellect, and true to his presence. Roger Stark remembers his friend and mentor.

Peter Kline on Education in the Cognitive Age

In this brief article, published posthumously, Peter Kline explains the importance of the Cognitive Age and how to prepare for it.

Peter Kline

“Information is growing at a pace never before seen in the history of the world. Our children and grandchildren are growing up into a world where they’ll have to deal with problems we’ve haven’t thought about. BrainWare SAFARI is one of the tools that can make that experience delightful instead of frightening and threatening.” Peter… Continue reading Peter Kline

Learn to Ask for Help

One very important thing a student can learn is how to ask for help. Those who know how to do this effectively usually rise to the top of the class.

Cognitive Skills and Reading

Learning to read well requires that the basic processes of decoding and comprehending become automatic so that they do not have to be thought about consciously. Readers who must decode letters and words consciously are distracted by the process and are thus unable to concentrate on the meaning of what they are reading. This paper discusses the underlying cognitive skills needed in order to be able to learn to read, and how those skills can be enhanced.