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SET Card Challenge

Today is National Card Playing Day, and one of our favorite card games is SET.  It's fun and it's a great cognitive workout for just about any age!  

Cut Out Snowflakes Challenge

Can you recognize a cut up snowflake from its folded-up starting point?  See if you can figure out the answer!

BrainWare Learning Company Featured in VoyageChicago

BrainWare Learning Company was covered in December by VoyageChicago.  The article looks at the company’s journey and what to expect next in the world of cognitive training and education.  As

When Brains Learn to Walk

In some fascinating research, scientists at Washington University in St. Louis scanned the brains of babies as they learned to walk.  In the initial stages, the connection between the default-mode network (the brain networks we use while we're daydreaming or letting our minds wander) works with the motor cortex. 

Cognitive Skills and Differentiation

This webinar will review the value of cognitive assessment as the basis for meaningful differentiation of instruction by tying cognitive skills directly to learning strategies.

Why We Root for the Underdog

In one study, people rooted for a fictional basketball team described as being expected to lose, rather than the team that was supposed to win, 88 percent of the time.  Scientists have put forward a number of different theories on why we have such a tendency to favor the less favored. 

How to Turn a Snowflake into a Snowman

Here is a holiday puzzle we hope you will enjoy.  How many moves will it take you to solve it?

Do Smartphones Make You Dumber?

Research is now showing that just having your phone on your desk, even though it is turned off, results in poorer performance on demanding cognitive tasks than if the cell phone is out of sight and in another room. 

Two of These Cookies are Different

Two of these cookies are different.  Can you tell which ones? Don’t give up too soon … You can do it!     (Answer:  The third cookie in the top

Do Brains Blink?

The research says that our brains do, in fact, "blink," every time we shift our attention!  When we shift our attention from one object to another, the activity of the neurons in the visual cortex is temporarily disrupted.