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Increases in Academic Ability in Students with Learning Differences

This study involved students with learning differences. After completing BrainWare SAFARI. In the one year between tests, the students increased their Academic Ability 1 year 9 months on average.

Strengthening Cognitive Processes in Students with Resource Plans

At Nativity Catholic School in Brandon, FL, students receiving resource support used BrainWare SAFARI. The two cohorts improved substantially on a set of cognitive subtests, ocnsistent with students in prior studies.

Practical Advice for Brain-Compatible Teaching

We are always excited to bring more ideas and practical help to educators seeking ways to get neuroscience introduced into classrooms.

Executive Functions and Reading Comprehension (blog)

There are varied opinions among education and neuroscience researchers regarding how many executive functions are involved in human cognitive processing, but the role that executive functions play in reading comprehension