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The Common Core State Standards and the Brain

The world of neuroscience can help guide our approach to instructional methods to support higher levels of cognitive interaction and mastery across disciplines. Participants in this webinar will gain insights into the instructional methods that can help students rise to the requirements of the Common Core State Standards.

Thoughts on the Value of President Obama’s BRAIN Initiative

The BRAIN Initiative announced recently by President Barack Obama has underscored the importance of better understanding brain-behavior relationships and it holds potential for deeper knowledge of the mechanisms involved in the

Cognitive Skills and Biology, History and Literature

This webinar will take attendees beyond the elementary classroom and the priorities of reading and math to more complex, higher-order thinking required for successful performance in academic subjects at the middle and high-school level. Our guest presenter for this webinar is Stacy Harris.

Education: A Reality Check

A confluence of four issues in education makes this a perfect time to embark on a journey of bringing neuroscience to the classroom. 1) There is no more money (