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Facebook and Students’ Brains

I don’t know very many people who don’t have a Facebook account.  And everyone who does have one seems to be using it more and more.  That is, all but

Better Grades: Four Myths and the Reality

Brain research is showing us ways to improve student learning and help them succeed on tests and in school.  But there are also a lot of myths around that deserve to

Timely Resources for Educators Changing the Game

As educational leaders navigate difficult financial times, with increased emphasis on accountability and teacher proficiency, and the Common Core Standards, there are some key resources that all should be aware of.

That Was Easy!

On Super Bowl Sunday, my 8-year-old nephew graciously tolerated the adults in our house (most of whom are still 8 years old at heart, if truth be told). He held

Working Memory Limits Affect College Students’ Reading

A researcher from the University of Alberta describes the problem this way, “The students invest most of their time on reading and they forget the meaning.  They read and they