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New Research on MultiTasking

Holidays seem to be times when multi-tasking is the order of the day — preparing holiday meals while keeping a mental list of what I need to get at the

The Promise of Technology in Developing 21st Century Skills

This webinar will discuss technologies that are being implemented to improve students' cognitive skills and their thinking ability.

Interview with David Shenk, The Genius in All of Us

When we read The Genius in All of Us earlier this year, we saw the nature vs. nurture debate being transformed before our eyes. Our understanding of prodigies like Mozart has changed forever. All of this is thanks to David Shenk.

Spider Webs: A Halloween Reminder of How Our Brains Work

It is that time of year, the time when you see spider webs everywhere you look — real ones and fake ones.  And they all make me smile.  Why?  Because

More Brain Friendly Classroom Practices

Dr. Lou Whitaker, Principal of Pope John Paul II and Notre Dame Catholic Schools (and a "brainiac"), returns to discuss additional practical approaches to incorporating brain-friendly practices in the classroom.

Brain Friendly Classroom Practices

When we say brain-friendly, we mean for all the brains in the classroom -- the teacher's, as well as the students'! How can you possibly hope to reach every student? How could you ever hope to create 30 individualized lesson plans? Join us as we find out from Dr. Lou Whitaker of Pope John Paul II Catholic School in Lecanto, FL.

Neuroscience and Special Education

The purpose of this document, commissioned by the National Association of State Directors of Special Education, is to provide a brief overview of how links are being developed between the rapidly expanding field of neuroscience and the practice of special education.

Cognitive Skills for English Language Learners (ELL)

This webinar will take a new look at English Language Learners (ELL, ESL, EL), review some recent research on the brain and language acquisition, and provide a case study on the use of a cognitive skills .

Cognitive Training in a New Hires Program at a Multi-National Corporation

Participants in a New Hires training program for console operators in an oil refinery, used BrainWare SAFARI cognitive skills development with intensive job content training. Members of cohorts who used the program experienced a greater success rate in meeting all of the requirements for continued employment.

Teacher Effectiveness and Student Ability

An op-ed in this morning’s Chicago Tribune holds that the way student learning is measured is flawed because it assumes that all students come with the same cognitive ability to learn.